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We meet each Sunday, from 6-8pm, for our regular Sangha sessions. Below are a few special sessions to note:

Unless we are forced to cancel for health or "householder" life reasons, we will always meet at our regular time.  Often the topic of those sessions is not known in advance.  If it is, there will be posts about it on Social Media, and in some cases the session will focus on a particular special reason.  A few such sessions are listed below, for your planning needs.
No Sangha this week.

Dear Sangha, I'm very sick with a very bad cold.  Thankfully, I tested negative for Covid-19, but I'm too sick to teach this week, and more importantly I would not wish to pass this illness on to anyone else.  Please enjoy your weekend and the extra time this gives you with it, and maybe practice during the normal meeting time to keep your practice constant! I'll see you next weekend as normal. All my best wishes to you!

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