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Happy Holidays, here's a new Sangha Site for you!

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Someone, supposedly, once asked the Dalai Lama if it was ok to change the place where they focus on feeling the breath in the body - such as the nose, the chest, or the belly - frequently. He is reported to have thought for a moment and said "Yes, you should change it very least once every ten years or so!"

Two Hands Sangha was founded in 2012. Our first online presence was probably a facebook group, which was followed by a free website on Wordpress. Being a donation based Buddhist Sangha with very little financial need at the time, that was more than sufficient for a decade.

As we find ourselves heading into 2023, after over a decade of Sangha, we've decided it's time for a change in how we notice the breath of the Sangha. The breath of the Sangha is YOU! Our wonderful Sangha-mates who join us remotely or in-person each week, or when they are able. If not for you, there would be no Sangha. A few years ago, we decided to try using MeetUp to help people find our group. While it worked, in some ways, it was never very worthwhile especially considering the cost. Many people found us, but not very many actually attended. We don't think this is a flaw with Meetup, but simply a matter of people not finding us as easily as they might a well built webite. After considering the costs versus the benefits, we've decided to make a change.

2023 will bring a lot of changes, undoubtedly, for our humble little Sangha...this website is the beginning! So we hope that you will join us for a time of change in 2023 as we build out this new Website, grow our Sangha (if it wishes to be grown!), and let go of MeetUp as our primary method of reaching people.

As of today, this site is a brand new infant and it is sure to experience some growing pains. Right now there's too much of "me" on this site, but as we produce more blog posts, and add other events and items, that will right itself. Please let us know if you have any troubles, or suggestions and we look forward to practicing with you in 2023!

May we all be at ease!

Rev. Geo.

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